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Overview H.M. Customs-Bermuda  

H.M. Customs – Bermuda is responsible for the collection and protection of approximately one third of the Bermuda Government’s revenue. Customs Officers work throughout Bermuda at the official ports of St. George, Oil Docks, L. F. Wade International Airport, Hamilton and Ireland Island, carrying out various tasks related to the enforcement of Bermuda’s laws.

The Department's main office is located in Hamilton where officers are involved in processing Bermuda Customs Declarations for arriving air and ocean freight. The department also has a number of specialist teams who jointly with the Bermuda Police Service combat illicit drugs, contraband and monitor the movement of passengers and cargo.

As Bermuda's first line of defense in border control the Customs Department also performs agency functions for several government departments to enforce relevant laws. Some of these departments are:

  • The Department of Environmental Protection;
  • The Immigration Department;
  • The Department of Health;
  • The Statistics Department;
  • The Transport Control Department; etc.

The Department also works closely with the following departments:

  • The Bermuda Police Service;
  • The General Post Office and Sub Post Offices; etc.