It's there for you when you retire, but it's more than a retirement program. The CPF can provide benefits if you become disabled and support your family when you die.

Work to build a secure future

Pensions from the CPF are a significant source of income for a lot of elderly Bermudians and plays a major role of keeping them out of poverty. But, CPF can't do it all.

The CPF was not intended to be the sole source of income when you retire. You'll also need savings or investments. Think of the CPF as a foundation on which to build your financial future.

Help us keep your records accurate

You, your employer and the Social Insurance Department share the responsibility for the accuracy of your records. Since you began working, your contributions were recorded under your Social Insurance number. We have updated your record each time your employer (or you, if you're are self-employed) paid for your contributions. Remember it's the number of contributions paid that determines the benefit amount. When we figure that amount, we base it on your average number of contributions. If our records are wrong, you may not receive the benefits to which you are entitled.